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The implementation phase of our project has been successfully completed.

In recent years, drug addiction has been increasing alarmingly, especially among young people. One of the major reasons for this is the abuse of antidepressants, which are widely used among young people. These drugs can have harmful side effects and cause addiction.

The objectives of our project named "Keep Calm and Fight Depression" with reference number 2023-1-AT01-KA152-YOU-000140024,

- Raising awareness about the use of antidepressants,

- To develop methods of coping with depression without medication,

- To enable young people to acquire new hobbies and thus prevent the use of antidepressants,

- To ensure the socialisation of young people and thus prevent them from becoming lonely,

- To ensure that young people benefit from equal opportunities,

- Raising awareness of young people by providing them with information on global issues,

- To enable young people to realise their individual talents,

- To contribute to the foreign language development and cultural development of young people,

- Ensure that young people and the community are informed about Erasmus+,

- It was determined to increase the awareness of the Erasmus+ Programme.

With our project, which was successfully implemented and completed in Klagenfurt, Austria, it is thought that we were able to create an impact, albeit on a small scale, and to raise awareness of people on the subject. In this regard, especially young people have been supported to raise awareness about not acquiring harmful habits. With our activities, it was ensured that the information desired to be given on the subject was reinforced. We would like to thank all our partners who supported the implementation of a successful project and the young people involved in our project.

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