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Staff Mobility for Training Purposes Event

Uğur Koyuncu focused on various objectives within the scope of his internship program in our organization in 2023. Firstly, he participated in the internship within the framework of the Erasmus+ program in order to closely observe and investigate the business practices of our organization in detail. In this process, it was aimed to gain practical experience in the organization of administrative work in the field of international projects and to exchange ideas on this subject.

She also participated in a training program to gain new perspectives on programs and practices for youth exchange mobility. In this way, she aimed to contribute to international cooperation in the youth field and to increase her knowledge in order to organize more effective organizations.

Finally, by sharing his rich work experience in related fields, he encouraged knowledge sharing within the organization and thus contributed to the development of other staff members in similar fields. Uğur Koyuncu's internship has been an important step towards strengthening our organization's international activities and playing a more active role in staff mobility.

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