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Our Project "Sustainability in Sport" Was Realized!

Updated: Mar 6

We realized our project named Sustainability in Sports with reference number 2022-3-AT01-KA152-YOU-000095087. The project was held in Klagenfurt, Austria between 05.05.2023-11.05.2023.

Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey participated in the project in which 5 countries participated in total. A total of 50 people participated in the project. The project, which emphasized the equality of women and men in the number of participants, was appreciated by all participants. With various activities, the essence of the subject was conveyed to the participants not only in narration but also in practice.

The subject of our project; To raise awareness in society about the need to protect the environment while doing sports and to increase the number of studies on the concept of environmental sustainability in sports, which does not attract enough attention.

The aim of our project, which has received a lot of interaction and appreciation; To contribute to eliminating the lack of environmental awareness in the society with our project, To raise awareness of our target audience about the concepts of "sustainability" and "environmental sustainability in sports", To raise awareness about the need to protect natural habitats while doing sports, To carry out a pioneering project on environmental sustainability in sports, To eliminate the lack of information about the damage caused by group, sports and recreation facilities to the natural environment, We want to break down prejudices about Erasmus programs, contribute to breaking the prejudice against different cultures in the local community, ensure that young people have a voice in global issues, improve the foreign language skills of the participants, increase the institutional capacity of the participating institutions and organizations, improve the quality of youth work, contribute to the elimination of the problem of lack of digital skills among young people.

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