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Accepted Project: Sustainability in Sport

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

ur project named Sustainability in Sports with reference number 2022-3-AT01-KA152-YOU-000095087, which we have participated in erasmus plus projects, has been accepted.

The project will be realized in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Hungary will take part in the project, which is determined to be 50 people in total, 10 people from each country will participate in the project, and the project will be carried out between 05.05.2023-11.05.2023.

The main subject of the project is; Environmental sustainability in sports, providing solutions to existing and emerging environmental problems through participation in sports in sports areas and natural environment and carrying out preventive, protective, healing and supportive activities,

To draw attention to the importance of creating sustainable sports areas by associating the design and use of sports and recreation areas with the ecological environment and to offer solutions on the subject, To raise awareness in society about the need to protect the environment while practicing sports and to increase the number of studies on the concept of environmental sustainability in sports, which has not received enough attention. We want to raise "environmental awareness" in the society by using sports as a tool and to direct young people to sports through our project.

For detailed information about the project, you can use the Erasmus Plus results platform website.

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